Mysterious Box

A gilded puzzle box


The golden cube is five inches across. It vibrates gently with the clinking of interior clockwork.

Each of its six faces bears a different shape: circle, line, triangle, square, pentagram, hexagram. All of the sides are etched with scratchy runes.


The box was created by the Wizard Blink, and she believed it to be her opus work. Something extremely powerful is contained inside, though you have no idea what. It can only be opened by finding Blink’s hidden keys.

The box has attracted the enmity of a powerful solar, who is bent on destroying anyone who’s come into contact with it. Meaning you.

Two sides of the box have been unlocked.

Circle: The House of Many Windows
Line: Material Plane
Triangle: Ethereal Plane
Square: ?
Pentagram: ?
Hexagram: ?

Unlocking the various sides of the box rewards one player with a single +1 bonus to a particular score. Two bonuses have been unlocked thus far.

Circle: +1 Intelligence (claimed by Felicia)
Line: +1 Constitution (claimed by Ander)
Triangle: + 1 Dexterity (claimed by Tim)
Square: ?
Pentagram: ?
Hexagram: ?


Mysterious Box

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